The subject of aging is wholly fascinating, because firstly, it happens to every one of us, and we cannot avoid it.  Secondly, it seems to be happening to our societies at a faster rate.

“Stop there,” you’ll say, “our longevity has increased over the last hundred years.”

Yes, that is true from a medical standpoint.  Many people used to die from definite sanitary and hygiene catastrophes.  London’s River Thames literally ceased to flow from its unfortunate load of human excrement.

Are We Aging Well Today?

Let’s focus purely on aging itself which is our topic, from a Biblical account. From this perspective you would conclude that we are actually losing ground.

After the deluge of Noah’s flood, man’s lifespan was downgraded to 125 years, and science tells us today that there is no reason on a cellular level, why we cannot easily achieve this — so why don’t we achieve it?

Anthropology Also Compels Us To Believe That Many Societies Today Actually Do Live In Excess Of 100 Years!

One of the most notable would be the “Cave Dwellers” of China.  These people are actually despised outcasts of society, as yes, they do live in caves of their own construction.

Their most famous moment was when Mao Ze Dong hid among them before he came to power, and was in refuge from Chiang Kai Shek.  These people are a little hard to ignore, because it is estimated that there are 25,000,000 of them with an average lifespan of 120 years.

Obviously their lifestyle is completely different from ours in the west, which seems to slow down atrophy of their cells.  So to track down what damages cells, we need to call again on medical research.

It appears that the comon denominator is a process called glyco-sy-lation.  Glyce relates to glucose,  sy  is a synthesis,  ation means a reaction.  So we have a glucose synthesis reaction.  In other words, our cells go hard like toffee and then we grow old.

Is there something we do to glycosylate the cells, that the cave dwellers don’t?  Yes, we consume copious amounts of sugar, which hardens our cells and makes them malfunction.

ALERT! We Now Consume Approximately 100 kg Per Annum Of Sugar For Every Man, Woman and Child. The Human Tolerance Level Is Actually 4-5 kg Per Annum.

Sugar is the single most aging factor in existence, if only from the volume we consume.  For example, blood pressure:  as we move and walk and climb, the harder we push ourselves, the faster our blood needs to circulate.

Of necessity our arteries expand to cope with the rush.  What happens then if the arterial cells are glycosylated, and the tissue cannot expand readily?

The blood is confined and trapped in a narrow passage that is no longer flexible but rigid.  The blood pressure rises as the heart seeks to meet the functional demand by pushing.  This is an excellent recipe for rupturing an artery, leading to stroke or myocardial infarction.

Is there a way of stopping this?  Yes, stop eating sugary foods (sugar and all it’s derivatives such as maltodextrin, fructose, sucrose, etc) and drinks.

Can we reverse glycosylation?  Most of us, as we turn cells over, replace the present cells with inferior cells, hence the aging effect.  We must feed our cells and not damage them, so that cell replacement will be by superior, stronger cells rather than damaged weakened cells.

How can we begin to reverse aging?

1.    Understand that it is possible — providing you want to change direction
2.    Stop eating sugar!!!
3.    Stop eating processed foods and drinks!!!
4.    Eat good quality, living foods constantly, never an exception
5.    Use worthwhile recipes from suitable cook books
6.    Find a health professional such as a Nutritionist or Naturopath, and get coached — seriously!!

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