In The Best Interests Of The Health & Wellness Seeker

The Western world as we know it — is on a collision course with chronic sickness and disease.

Although Australians enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the world (WHO, 2004a), the latter part of the twentieth century has seen an epidemic emergence of modern chronic diseases and age/lifestyle-related health problems that greatly reduce quality of life.

These chronic diseases include prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes type 1 and type 2,
hypertension (high blood pressure) and obesity to name a few.  

Since we operate utilising a natural body — shouldn’t the treatment of our body be natural also? And who is the natural custodian of our bodies — is it another person, a system, big business, a school of thought, TV ad campaigns, the government, the schools — or is it actually a much higher calling — a God-delegated personal responsibility?

If looking after our bodies is our responsibility — shouldn’t we enquire after a multitude of counsel and then set a course that includes natural, even organic treatments, tracking our progress with accountability partner?

Health Resolution Revolution seeks to review the above and in the best interests of the health and wellness seeker, especially for diagnosed sufferers who see the opportunity they have to reverse their status, this website seeks to positively explore more natural and organic means to assist the seeker to their effective prevention and/or health resolution.

Is Your Victory One Personal Strategy For Lifestyle Change Away?

It is our love of junk food, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, DVD’s, DS games, Wii’s, PC’s and TV which helps to feed a growing escalation in energy imbalances within our collective bodies that produces ill-health.

Our Own Personal Health Is A Stewardship Issue.

It cannot be blamed on MacDonalds, KFC or Burger King. It cannot be blamed on processed food manufacturers. It cannot be blamed on governments. The buck stops with us. It is a stewardship issue for which we must take a personal responsibility.

In Australia alone it is costing the nation $21 billion a year as we get fatter and acquire more chronic, life-threatening diseases such as prostate, ovarian and breast cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes just to name a few.

Worse, big business increasingly sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of individuals and families as the take-up swells into multinational  business, traditional medicine, health care and pharmaceutical companies by the millions. This epidemic will outrun the current infrastructure worsening any real care to the sick and vulnerable.

Cancer alone effects 1 in 3 families, today.

Are Our Institutions Dealing With Root Causes — Or Just Trimming Branches?

Where can the individual turn to — to get effective answers and real hope for their future?

We need the right information. We need to take back the stewardship of our own bodies to get well.

The content on this website addresses the ever-expanding issue of the treatment of chronic diseases in clear-cut perspective and simple language for the good and wellness of the individual.