Is the  “Human Swine Influenza virus” a new flu virus that is really infecting people? Reports are now coming out in the USA that would suggest that it’s all a fear-driven money-spinner for big business.

Have Vaccines Ever Been Tested?

Dr. Shiv Chopra is an industry insider — hired by the drug companies and worked with vaccine development in Europe. He has also worked for the Canadian government, in the equivalent of the FDA. He was a senior scientific advisor for what is now Health Canada for 20 years, working primarily in vaccines and antibiotics.

Is The Swine Flu Becoming As Cryptic As The Loch Ness monster?

Is Swine Flu Real or A Massive Hoax?

Dr. Shiv Chopra was a drug company insider — uniquely positioned to offer a plausible, credible explanation as to why no flu vaccine has ever worked — he also offers that swine flu and avian flu are nothing more than massive hoaxes.

So Do Flu Vaccines Actually Work?

On the subject of vaccines, their history and the politics of the regulatory authorities that are involved with them, there are actually very few people in the entire world who are more qualified than Dr. Chopra to comment on the issues, specifically swine flu.

Is swine flu really a devastating pandemic that may wipe out large numbers of people?

And are you doing yourself disservice by not getting the vaccine?

According to Dr. Chopra — the answer is a resounding “no!” and “no way!”

Perhaps Our Kids Have Known All Along?

Chopra puts the record straight. He says this:

“No flu vaccine has ever worked. Swine flu, we don’t even know there is such a thing. It’s a misnomer.”

“What I’m saying categorically is that vaccines have never been tested.”

“Vaccines other than smallpox have never been tested for safety or efficacy, as they should have been.”

Swine flu seems to be quickly becoming exposed as a massive hoax.

Before Swine Flu was declared a “level 6 pandemic” by the World Health Organization (WHO,) a group of “scientists” were busily sounding the false alarm that this might be the woeful, deadly pandemic they had been expecting for some time.

Big Business + Big $$$ = Big Deception

As you might expect, the vaccine manufacturers who could sense billions of dollars in company profits exercised their self-interests — fuelled this fear wherever they could — and were busily and quietly making deals with WHO to be among the contenders selected to manufacture the “pandemic” vaccine for the whole world. Being in favour with WHO would guarantee incredible profits.

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Of course there is a case for optimising your body’s ability through boosting your immune sytem using natural means — to prevent and overcome influenza, colds, viruses and modern-day sickness.